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Month: November 2017

How To Put Together An Outfit For A Cocktail Party

Published / by Iberico Fierro

Excited about that cocktail event coming up but worried about how to put together the perfect outfit? It is not always easy to figure out what would complement you the most which is why it can be incredibly challenging to figure out what to wear at the last moment. Therefore, it would be best if you can set about looking for the best outfit sometime ahead of the event. Want a hand with how you can pull this off right? Read on to find out.

Figure out the colour that you want to wear

The first step is to know what colour you would like to wear. The rest of your outfit will depend upon this one decision. When you pick the colour, make sure that it is compatible with the time that the event will be held at. It should also more importantly match the tone of your skin. You need to know if you have a cool or warm skin tone and complement it with the right colours. Another, easier method is to just go by the complexion and figure out what colours light your skin up the most. In any case you need to decide this first because everything from your designer clutch bags to your makeup will change according to this.

Now pick your main accessories

Your main accessories will be your purse and your shoes. This will depend upon the kind of outfit that you are wearing. Most often for an evening cocktail event a dress will be the best possible option. A red evening bag will be ideal if the colour of your outfit is black or of the same tone as the purse. Next pick your shoes. What kind of heels would you be wearing? If you will be moving around a lot and dancing, which will most probably be the case, opt for heels that look good but are also comfortable on your feet so that you will not have to be in pain towards the latter part of the evening.

Now pick your jewelry

Would you be wearing a necklace or just earrings and what kind of jewelry would they be? Bold and chunky or simple and elegant? All of these are fashion decisions that you need to make so that you do not appear overly done or under dressed. Using too much jewelry if the outfit itself is heavily embellished is a mistake. The opposite of this is also true. These are the three basic steps of how you can put together a good outfit for your upcoming cocktail evening.